2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 creates unforgettable moments almost at will. During one gunfight, I noticed Sam being overpowered by a mercenary in a courtyard just below me. Reacting swiftly (because he’s a likeable guy), I charge for the nearest merc, disarming him before kicking him off the roof. Spinning, I open fire on two conveniently placed cans of gasoline. A burst of flame leaps into the sky, along with a few more baddies. Sprinting forward through a plume of smoke, I dive off the roof and into the courtyard, lassoing a nearby strut to turn my fall into a long, low swing. Noticing this, Sam turns. Drake’s diving fist connects with the back of the mercs head, and I, adrenaline surging, leap out of my seat, whooping, punching the air and (unintentionally) waking my wife. It’s 2am, she says, and I have work in the morning.

1. Battlefield 1 (Ironically)

Our top game for this year is Battlefield 1, which has received a lot of pre-launch hype as well as continued hype after its release. Battlefield 1 was revealed at EA Play, where Snoop Dog also made an appearance with his good friend Mary Jane. With a Successful release and great year, Battlefield 1 has given its community a lot, from a great campaign as well as a terrific multiplayer experience it has well earned its spot at number 1.